AED London

After a long sabbatical of twin motherhood, I am happy to announce that I will be available for intimate classes focusing on grounding and strengthening the core dancer. 
A class will consist of a warm up, bringing awareness to the breath and the body, using Feldenkrais, Luna Yoga and 'tuning in' stretches and positionings for a grounded, energised body,mind and spirit.

The core dancer is now ready for action! Dynamic movement is key! Time to de-stress using Biodynamic movements and West African dance to raise the Kundalini energy flow, revitalising the cells and getting your funk on! 

Please contact for availability and prices.


Dance as a tool for life

Dance is the present moment, dance cannot happen in the past or the future and we are welcome to participate without needing permission. We are the only ones who can allow ourselves to drop into the moment and this is a great leap of faith but when we let go so much light and love is waiting that the fear dissipates, and we are free. Modern day society is riddled with anxiety, self-deception, anger, pain; you name it, the menu of emotional dilemmas are ever present for us to indulge our selves in.

The dance of life is ever changing it is in constant motion and in order for peace to occur we must create harmony within.
Wherever you may come from there were once tribal people, and these people are our ancestors. They danced the ritual dances to honour their environments. Nature was key to their survival; they danced on the earth to nourish the crop yield, they sang to the heavens to bring favourable conditions for growth and harvest. Dance brought focus to their lives, dance encouraged positive outcome, most of all dance held the community together.

By dancing togeth
er social bonds were created and physicality was honoured, and accepted. A healthy acceptance of the body developed through these dances and rituals. Respect and trust grew to establish a deep connection not only with each other but also with their environment. The dances grounded people to the earth and yet served as a means of spiritual connection which honoured diversity as represented in nature through the fauna and wildlife, as well as the divine creator which flowed through all beings.

These roots of the past remain in the present, deep beneath our feet the blood of the Earth still contains the secrets of our tribal ancestors. By grounding ourselves in dance we once again awaken the spirit, the consciousness of this wisdom to help us maintain equilibrium not only with ourselves but with our environment.

Dance to know your dance.