AfroEnergyDance Taipei

AfroEnergyDance 5 week journey

Explore your dance with a series of weekly 2.5 hour classes.

The journey:

Week 1: Root Energy Centre
We clean and energize from the roots. Grounding ourselves into the earth, dancing the tribal beat.

Week 2: Throat Energy Centre
We explore our creativity and expression. Releasing the voice and moving our expression from inner to outer.

Week 3: Heart Energy Centre
Dancing our hearts we open up to feelings, getting in touch with our sensitivity, sharing this in our dance.

Week 4: E-Motions
By moving and dancing with our emotions we discover how we can be playful with them.

Week 5: Male-Female Energy
Discover the Yin and Yang of our dance, by exploring and sharing our masculine and female qualities.

Taipei 5 week course


Time : 2-5 pm

Place: PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL 36, No.156-1, Sec. 2, Muxin Rd

How to get there:
A. MRT Muzha line to Muzha station and transfer by bus 251,252, BR7, Green1 to Gin-Wen high school
B. MRT Xindian line to Qizhang station and cross Baoqiao to take bus 251,252, BR7, Green1 to Gin-Wen high school.

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