A social dance event

AfroEnergyDance is an experience of dance that raises your energy and helps you to reconnect with the earth's heartbeat.

Dancing together with continuous movements creates a sense of grounding, and by following the steps and rhythm, we build co-ordination and strength as well as gracefulness. Moving in a circle brings awareness to dancing together and develops a sense of community. It is a tribal experience that re-connects us with the beauty of each other as individuals part of a whole.

We move through three different stages that develops our awareness and sensitivity of our selves as moving bodies.

The three stages are:

1. Afro circle dance.

A warm-up to ground us in the rhythm and raise our energy. An inner cleaning to release body-mind stress.

2. Dance sensation.

A chance to explore different emotional qualities by expressing yourself though the dance with specially selected music.

3. Dance expression.

Sharing your dance with others in a playful and open space .

This is an event to move your body.

It is 'energetic' exercise as well as free style dancing.

Come let the rhythm move you!

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